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Christine Warner – Loves the wines of Germany, is enamored with Champagne and has suddenly discovered that Gin tastes good.  Relocated to London, UK several years ago, she has worked in the importing and consulting.  Christine has worked in the US market all over the Northeast with a special attention to the New York, New Jersey and Vermont markets working in the import/distribution side of the business.  She has passed the WSET Diploma of Wine & Spirits. Email Christine at christine@elixrr.com.

Rob Warner – Despite his sister’s attempt at making Rob a wine-lover, he quickly went his own “way” and started to brew his own beers in college, but not before he used his engineering skills to devise his own handmade keg-erator.  Now, as a frequent business traveler, Rob makes it his business to find the coolest bars and restaurants, while tasting as many new, local beers and spirits as possible.  He is located in Iceland.  Email Rob at rob@elixrr.com.


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